Car Wash

At each of the nine Ride With Pride Car Wash locations, we have self service car washes available all day, every day, and six* of our locations also feature an automatic car wash. All of our available washes are highly affordable and can give your car a thorough cleaning inside and out while also using less water than you would washing your car at home. All of our washes use a maximum of three gallons of water per minute, and all of our soaps are eco-friendly.

In addition to simply making your car look better, getting a car wash from Ride With Pride Car Wash can also help to decrease the corrosion that is typically caused by accumulated dirt and grime. Stop by one of our nine convenient locations to make your car shine today!



*Automatic car wash and underbody flush not available at either Statesville location or at the Elkin location at 230 Standard St.

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